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Feedback Summary of My Two Step Direct Marketing

My headline says, “Enjoy Your Stay, or It’s Free.” That’s my guarantee. If you don’t enjoy your stay in my cabins, it’s on me. My step one and step two of direct marketing, are one in the same. I am confident that my property will provide you a great relaxing experience so much, that I know you won’t want money back, and it will go into my income.

I wanted to just try this headline out for this course, and I’m not sure if I would really post an ad offering a free stay. This assignment is more or less, a practice run for me. I’ve offered a similar benefit in the past with my rental sight on Airbnb. I offered a free night, if someone booked any length of stay. Half, if not most of the tenants that booked my home during this offer, didn’t even use the extra free night. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking maybe even though they didn’t use the free night, my headline, or title, caught their attention in the first place.

I received most of my feedback from my ideal clients in person. With my rental property business, Rebecca’s Relaxing Rentals, some of this is again theoretical, but some of it is real. For this assignment, offering a free stay if guests were dissatisfied, did seem extreme to me, but it does catch people’s eye too. Maybe I will consider this in the future.

So far, I’ve received positive feedback. My ideal clients think my ad is very professional, and very well put together.

“The design of Rebecca’s ad is smart, and if I were in the market for a vacation, I would definitely consider her.” -Adam

“I love the view. This sounds like the perfect place we’ve been looking for. It’s out of the way, and close to lots of outdoor activities like kayaking, and just being on the lake. We’re outdoorsy people. We want to go to the lake. We want to go hiking. Can’t wait to try it out. It looks like I’ll love it, and not get the free stay.” -Janene

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