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Tina's questions for Rebecca:

What is your favorite job that you have had to date?

My favorite job was working at Rosie’s Cafe in Tahoe City, California.

What is your academic path?

I’m pursuing a certificate in Commercial Music and Audio Production, and a master’s degree in Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Do you have any children?

No children.  My boyfriend has a 4 year old, and it’s not easy.

How is a Masters in Entrepreneurship and innovation going to help you in the future?

The business classes and projects are helping me become more organized.  I am going to have several businesses one day.  I am learning a lot.  The most important skill I’m learning is self discipline.

How do you balance work, your education, and your personal life?

I get my homework done in advance and stay ahead.  I do homework when I don’t even feel like it.  I keep a planner and write everything in it.  I manage my time, and get plenty of rest.  I set weekly goals, and daily goals.

Do you consider yourself a follower or an innovator?

Both.  I can learn from leaders, and be creative and have new ideas myself.

What is your greatest motivation?

Deadlines. Competition.  Rewards.  The journey.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?  Do you think this is a strength or a weakness?

I’m an introvert and like my privacy.  I used to be an extrovert, and I have to be when I’m waiting tables and when I’m in school.

I read that you wanted to sell real estate, Do you have your license yet?

No.  I rent my home on Airbnb.  I make a lot of money on it, and it inspired me to have my own renting company somehow, someday.  Right now Airbnb is easier with school.

If you could change one thing what would it be?

Definitely not the past.  That made me who I am today. My boyfriend said to never fart again. lol

Tina Jones Interviewed by Rebecca Wiggins

1.What is something you thought you could never overcome, but have?I have to use so much technology in my world now. I never in a million years dreamed that I would ever get up to speed with the technology required in teaching, running my business and being a student. When I started night classes at Mars Hill University, I really struggles. I would do a 10-20 page paper and let my partner do the PowerPoint. My first year teaching included teaching Word and PowerPoint. I learned those programs really quick!! I had to pass the certification in two months. I did realize what a raw deal I got on those papers. Lol. I am still not a pro...but hey, I barely have a blog. There is that.

2.What did you do to overcome this obstacle?I have had to work hard to learn technology. Watching videos, reading all the dummy books,and trial and error.

3.What positive things has this experience taught you?This reinforced what I already knew. I can do anything I set my mind to.

4.Does the positive outweigh the negative things after overcoming this obstacle? Explain.The positive does outweigh the negative. I will never have to trade a 20 page paper for a PowerPoint ever again. I do my business bookkeeping mostly online. Just finished payroll taxes and sales taxes. Yes, by myself. Negative was just a little stress and time.

5.How did this obstacle make you stronger and wiser?I lived through the blog so I have hope of getting through the podcast. I don’t know about wiser. The jury is still out on that. I think this class will be challenging all my skills.

6.Will you help others who may go through the same thing as you have?I hope to help anyone that needs help. I love teaching because I feel it is helping people. I think these classes will definitely help me be successful in helping others.

7.If you could go back in time, would you choose to NOT go through this obstacle?I would definitely strive to learn more about technology and never pass up on learning something new.

8.Why or why not?I feel that technology is such a valuable tool as a teacher, business owner and student. The evolution is such that we will always be pushing to learn more. I definitely still have to ask for help. Whether is is a blog, podcast or a video interview, I will need HELP!!! I am not afraid toask for help when it comes to bettering myself or my future. I appreciate the great questions. Rebecca!

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