• Rebecca Wiggins

Final Presentation Reflection

Rebecca Wiggins

Dr. Robert Lahm

ENT 645-51

Final Presentation Summary

For this course, I’ve really focused on improving my rental property business. I’m closer and closer to financial stability from it, so that one day, I can really focus on what I love, and that’s music. I’m a musician and a songwriter. I’m a pianist, but play many instruments. I’m meant to educate musically, and share my musical talents with others, and especially the youth. My final presentation gave me an opportunity to branch away from my rental properties, and get started on my other business, my music business. I spoke of the positive and negative effects music has in our lives. Music invariably affects the body, mind, and soul.

I had my first venue for my presentation fall through, but it left open an opportunity for me to instead show my presentation to the young women from my church. Their ages are 12-18, and they don’t have many opportunities to watch a presentation like this. I feel that they have always looked up to me, but I’ve never given them an opportunity to see what I’m about, nor given them guidance and inspiration, until now.

When I attend church, I’m very quiet and just keep to myself, so most of them did not know I was a professional pianist. They really enjoyed my presentation about music therapy, and I challenged them to have an awareness of what kind of music they listened to. I also challenged the youth to learn a new instrument. It’s never too late to learn music, no matter what level. We all deserve to reap the benefits music can have in our lives. After I was finished discussing the powers of music, I performed an excerpt on the piano, from one of my favorite composers, Claude Debussy. The grand piano was very lovely to play on. I’m grateful for this opportunity to talk about music to the young women from my church, and I hope to put myself out there more often, sharing my talents with the world.


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