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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Pending articles. Here's a screenshot of the proof of submission with a copy of the text from my GRANTs article topic.

What is a grant? A grant is a way the government can fund your ideas. Government grants provides public services and stimulate the economy. On grants.gov, you can apply for multiple grants. From my personal experiences, it is best to apply for as many grants as you can. Sometimes the hardest part can be just applying for a grant. I have applied for a grant where there were less than 5 applicants that submitted the application. The odds were NOT against me.

Grants are a form of gifted money that you do not have to pay back. My personal recommendation is to apply for as many grants as you can, and if you run out of grant options, then apply for a loan as a LAST resort. For some, it may be easier to just accept an approved loan than to apply for grants. Do not let this happen unless a loan is what you absolutely need.

I researched a main grant application process online called SBA. The SBA is an independent agency of the federal government. It stands for Small Business Association. The SBA helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses. ("GRANTS.GOV | Find. Apply. Succeed.") On grants.gov, you can search for grants to navigate through opportunities and settle on the right FOA. What is FOA? FOA is a Funding Opportunity Announcement. Select which funding opportunity you wish to apply for.

Before submitting your application on grants.gov, complete these 2 steps: 1) Register to apply for grants 2) Complete your application Then after these registration steps, there are 3 steps to the application process on grants.gov: 1) Pre-Award Phase - Funding Opportunities and Application Review 2) Award Phase - Award Decisions and Notifications 3) Post Award - Implementation, Reporting, and Closeout

Once the Federal agency completes the application review process, the Award Phase begins. Federal staff review and make award recommendations based on the programmatic and financial reviews of the applications. Once the final award decisions are made, the awarding agency sends a Notice of Award (NOA) to the entities selected for funding. The NOA is the official, legally binding issuance of the award. When you or your organization accepts the grant, you become legally obligated to carry out the full terms and conditions of the grant.

The federal agency that makes the award to you is there to assist and ensure you or your organization complies with the grant terms and conditions. Make sure to follow through and keep up the good work because you must report back your progress to the federal agency. The majority of award recipients are honestly ethical, but monitoring procedures are still necessary to prevent fraud and abuse.

Rebecca Elizabeth Wiggins is enrolled currently in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University. Rebecca is also pursuing a Certificate in Commercial Music and Audio Production at Western Carolina University. Webmasters and other article publishers are hereby granted article reproduction permission as long as this article in its entirety, author's information, and any links remain intact.

Copyright 2020 by Rebecca Elizabeth Wiggins. "GRANTS.GOV | Find. Apply. Succeed." Grants.Gov, http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/learn-grants/grants-101/pre-award-phase.html. Accessed 11 Nov. 2020. GRANTWATCH. "North Carolina Grants for Nonprofits - GrantWatch." Https://Www.Grantwatch.Com, northcarolina.grantwatch.com. Accessed 1 Nov. 2020.

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