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ENT610 Radio Ads Analysis Week 2

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

5 Radio Ads Analysis


This ad is promoting the Old Spice brand, and their product for this ad is specifically pomade. Pomade is a product used to slick back your hair, similar to gel. The use of their music and lyrics make you laugh. It catches your attention. The ad consists of 3 radio requests, and each person asks for the Pomade song, by Old Spice. Here it goes!

“Pomade. POMADE! Your put it in your hair not your armpit hair, but your head of hair. Pomade. Your gorgeous head of hair… Pomade. Such handsome great hair.”

This is hilarious. I’ve noticed all the ads I chose are very catching because they are super funny. The objective of this ad was to bring awareness to pomade with a catchy tune and humor. This ad wasn’t time specific. It was basically a reminder that their product exists, and you should use it! There wasn’t a price or sale for this product. Again, it was more of just reminding customers they would benefit having this item in their house. You will benefit from this product by having great hair.


This is an ad by Progressive Insurance. The audience is adults. Elk are one of nature’s most wondrous animals that speaks wondrous sounds. This ad is so ridiculous with an elk screaming in the recording. A woman named Karen screams right afterward, imitating the sound of an elk. Her scream sounded just like the elk’s cry. It was so funny that I could not stop laughing. What happened was Karen's RV sewage tank was spewing all over the camper due to a faulty hookup, way out in the middle of elk country. It’s wild out there. This is a progressive ad, for RV protection specifically. When it gets too wild, progressive has your RV covered. "Progressive has you covered no matter how wild it gets out there.” They ask to visit progressive.com to get a quote today.


This ad was made for the Motel 6. The audience is adults. Adults book the hotels for their families and want to feel safe. Tom Bodett has been the voice for Motel 6 ads for many years. He uses humor and sarcasm to bring awareness to Motel 6. Here in particular, he’s trying to do a voice mimicking a sick person. I think it’s effective when he’s trying to seriously mimic someone who is sick. He coughs and says he has mono during the middle of the radio commercial. I think it’s silly but it makes you want to listen to the ad again because it’s so funny. At Motel 6 you can get a great room for a great low price. The ad doesn’t state the price specifically. It ends in saying, "I'm Tom Bodett for Motel 6, and we'll leave the light on for you." This means that Motel 6 is there for you. You won’t be left alone in the dark.


Kansas City Men’s Clinic. Here you can find medicine to improve your sex life. The commercial features love songs to help remind you of a special time in your sex lives. All the love songs will make you laugh. The silly songs help reignite the home fires. This ad promotes a service at Kansas City Men’s Clinic. “Pause the movie and let’s get it on. The dog is watching, and that’s ok.” I couldn’t stop laughing again after this part. How else do you make people comfortable with this topic without using extreme humor? The market audience is for the elderly. Humor really does sell. Song lyrics continue with, “Changing the sheets again. Pausing the movie. The only thing soft in Jim and Donna’s house, are these hits. They are 51 and doing it on the kitchen table.” Book your 90$ dollars appointment at Kansascitymensclinic.com. You are told a price of the product, or at least a visit to see what's available for you and your spouse.


Snickers. The audience here is any age basically. Children and adults. This one is about having random ideas while being in the bathroom being hungry. Apparently 3pm is the hungriest time of day so don’t use the bathroom if you haven’t eaten a snickers. That’s what they say in this ad. They say this is the best time to eat a snickers. Odd brainstorms are occurring during this crazy hunger time. “I think we should redo all airport bathrooms.” Razor sensors or random buttons are hard to find. “Replace all paper towels with fans. I think they should run 10 minutes longer than necessary.” Here we have sarcasm and humor again in this ad. Don’t brainstorm hungry it says. World changing ideas can be conceived during the hungriest time of day. These kids on this ad were just spitting off crazy hunger ideas like, "Can we add a poultry button to the microwave?" This is using very intense sarcasm. “Don’t brainstorm hungry. A reminder from your friends at snickers.” There's no price or time limit here. Just eat a snickers so you won't be hungry and so that you'll be able to better brainstorm ideas on a full stomach instead.


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