• Rebecca Wiggins

ENT601-50. Week 6. Albert Einstein. The Theory of Everything.

I am reading a book titled "Hyperspace", by Michio Kaku. “A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, And The 10th Dimension.” The author Kaku was greatly inspired by his hero Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein had three great theories. First, was Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, from the year 1905. This gave us the equation E = mc². It eventually led to the first atomic bomb. His second theory was General Relativity, from 1915. General relativity gave us space warps, the Big Bang, and black holes.

Einstein's potentially, greatest theory ever, was never finished. And that theory is called, "a theory of everything". This is also referred to as master theory, final theory, and the ultimate theory. What is the simplest way to describe this theory? The theory of everything, is a theoretical framework of physics that links ALL aspects of the universe. Einstein died before he ever finished this theory. MIchio Kaku was very upset the day Einstein died, and has devoted his life trying to solve this mystery of Einstein's theory of everything.

As physicists have picked up where Einstein stopped, one solution they have come up with is string theory. String theory is a purposed method that has been used to try and explain Albert Einstein's theory of everything. String theory is basically the generic name for all of these things combined. Michio Kaku wanted to join the challenge of solving the mystery of this theory, and did after receiving his PhD from the University of California, Berkley. Michio Kaku co-founded string field theory, a subset of string theory. What string field theory does, is it uses mathematics of fields to explain string theory even further. This eventually lead to superstring theory, which adds even more components. Superstring theory explains all forces of nature are made up of tiny supersymmetric strings vibrating. This theory requires the universe to have 10 dimensions. I'll explain more about 10 dimensions in the following post.


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