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ENT 610 Learning Community Autobiography Post

Updated: Aug 6, 2020


 I'm unique to the community because I'm a local that has traveled for many years, and now I'm back.  I was raised in Robbinsville, NC.  I'm the 9th born child of 12 children, all from the same mom and dad.  I began a music degree at WCU years ago, and transferred to Young Harris College, in Georgia.  I finished a bachelor's there in piano, percussion, and voice.  I moved to Reno, NV later, Tahoe City, CA, Nashville, TN, and then back to Western Carolina.  A terrible car accident brought me back to Robbinsville.  I was really advanced in aerial silks and pole fitness before this.  I couldn't walk, and then I ended up staying in Western NC and going back to school with all of you.  I care about others.  I want to see where other people are coming from, especially those that are different. I hope to be a great member of this learning community, and have an open mind to your opinions.  I strive to give sincere feedback that's helpful.  I don't want to waste people's time.             I'm pursuing a master's degree in the Innovation Leadership, and Entrepreneurship program, and I'm receiving a certificate in sound engineering at WCU too.  It's called Commercial Music and Audio Production.  It's learning about recording, mixing, producing in a music studio, and also learning the computer music notation software.   I have written so much music, and now I'm transferring it from my head to sheet music.  I hope to have my own music studio, dance studio, and real estate business of some kind.  I've already started this by renting my home that's located outside Nashville, and I really just want to become more organized.  I was forced to start renting it after my accident, and it was really hard, but I've learned a lot so far.           I like the community learning aspect, although it can be very difficult if you do not stay ahead.  Bad things can happen, so just get ahead on days you can. I work several jobs outside of school, other than renting my house.  I play piano gigs, and I cocktail waitress full time at the casino.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll always bartend or be a waitress, because the money is so good if you're at the right location.  I help my mom and dad any way I can.  They need it!   I have a serious boyfriend who wants to get married, and this is a positive thing, but sometimes it's stressful.  I've never been a parent and he has a daughter too, so the greatest obstacle is trying to juggle all of these things.  Some of my goals are to start playing music more, write music again, work on my art, go back to aerial gym, have fun in school, make good grades, and learn to speak Spanish to my family in Puerto Rico.  Thanks for reading everyone. If any of you have figured out this adulting thing, please let me know.  


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