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ENT 601-50. Week 3 Reflection. We are the fish in the pond.

For Entrepreneurial Innovation 601-50. I am reading a book titled "Hyperspace", by Michio Kaku. “A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, And The 10th Dimension.”

This book is about the theory of hyperspace. Kaku was ahead of his time, because it was written about 30 years ago, and I've only heard of maybe 5 dimensions growing up! The theory is about the possibility of us living within 10 dimensions, and not just 3, or even 4 dimensions! Kaku is greatly influenced by Albert Einstein, who spent his whole life studying "The Theory of Everything." So far in our lives, it has been scientifically proven that there are 3 dimensions. These dimensions include height, width, and depth, (or breadth). Most physicists accept the 4th dimension, which is time. As the book goes along, it describes each dimension, starting with the first 4 that we’ve accepted, and goes on to 10 dimensions, total. Can you believe it? I think it’s a pretty incredible book to read so far. I wanted to note on how Kaku compared humans in our universe to carp living in a pond. When he was a young boy, he pondered greatly from seeing these fish swimming under a flat plane, in their little pond world. Keep in mind these carp don’t really understand anything above their water world. They think their water world is so big, because that's all they know, but it's not the actual reality. Just as the fish in the pond, there are dimensions we humans, cannot perceive that exist closer than we think. The carp only know this small piece of life underneath their flat-water surface, or plane. Michio Kaku compared an experience of an alien abduction, by taking the carp out of their pond. For example, a human picks up a carp from their pond, showing this fish a whole new world above the water, while its fish friends below the water’s surface, are thinking their friend has just vanished, and then the human throws the fish back in the pond shortly after. This carp would then reunite by describing to its fish friends, something similar to an alien experience, saying there was an abduction, and having seen incredible, new places from this. Remember this whole new world is only a few feet, or even inches away from them the fish their whole lives.


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