• Rebecca Wiggins

DTM Notes from Chapters 4,5,6, 9, 10


I have a properly executed identity. I create the optimum brand experience. First impressions are vital. EYES. They consume vast amounts of information and relay it to the brain unconsciously.

The Elements of Identity:

Stationery, Business Cards, Forms, E-mail, signature, Telephone, manner, Invoices, Newsletter, Customer service, Attire (uniform) Fax cover, Facebook fan page, advertising, Delivery vehicles, Printed materials, Office facility, Smells, Salespeople, Signage, Employee attitudes, Sounds, Email format, Web site, Vendors, Twitter background. These support my company’s image.

The Role of My Identity Elements:

My logo or advertisement does these things:

· Clearly identify my company

· Appeal to my target market

· Differentiate my firm

· I support the most important aspect of my core message

I make sure every element meets these criteria.

What’s in a Name?

It goes hand in hand with my logo. Sometimes a name is the only element my buyer experiences. The name of my firm has several functions and I chose them with this in mind:

Recognition of my products or services-

· Differentiation – My firm name allows me to stand out in my industry?

o Ex- Smith, Jone, and Williams could be replaced by Traffic Violation Busters.

· Favorable association with the target market – Ex- If my clients are mostly men, then Rebecca’s store might not make sense.

What Does My Logo Say?

My logo plays a vital role in representing my firm.

· It has lasting value – Trendy logos don’t build over time.

· It is distinct – some amount of uniqueness if it doesn’t confuse, is valuable.

· It appeals to my target market – if your target market is partial to blue, then it doesn’t matter that you’re not.

· It supports my core message – I am communicating my low, low prices, and my logo supports that image.

· It is legible – My logo is clearly identifying my company, and people understand it.

I can Attach a Visual Metaphor:

Colors and powerful images help drive an association to my business that help me stand out. The color red, catchy names, a vivid image, or a mascot helps me stand out.

Seek Professional Help:

Sometimes a professionally created logo is worth the investment. I have found a graphic design firms that demonstrate a track record of small business work such as www.logoworkds.com or crowspring.com.

How to Collaborate with a Graphic Professional:

Nobody has my experience. Nobody dreams my business the way I do. I delegate and collaborate to get the best results. “Guardian of all things strategic” hat. It’s only mine. “leave it to somebody create” with the area of graphic design. That might still be me. Good designers know what they’re doing. The “I want something that pops” and “I’ll know it when I see it”. Creative briefs can be found at Scribd.com I communicate everything I need the designer to know. I’m miles ahead after committing my brief.

Describe What and Why:

Describe what I think I need and why I need it. I am open to suggestions.

I list my Goals: Don’t just talk about my goals. I list my goals.

I tell My Story: Tell not just my history, but the elements of my story that make up my mission, ad vision – describe my culture.

Sketch My Audience: I draw and sketch, complete with real pictures.

I Define My Core Messages: I pick up the phone and call 5 of my best customers and ask them what they value most. Designers need to know this.

Attach Meaning and Metaphor: Ex- Duct tape marketing leans very heavily on the simple, effective, and affordable association that people make with the use of duct tape, but they try and avoid the idea of taping things together in haphazard fashion.

I explain What I Don’t Want: Say these things loudly. It leads to a clearer, better design, reduce stress and frustration, and lower the overall cost.

I identify Standards:

I have a look and feel for my printed materials and stationery, and have had my designer create a set of standards so I can publish and distribute to every person in my organization. There are a “graphic standards” that help slow the inevitable misuse and inconsistent use of graphic elements related to my brand. I document these standards and share them with employers and vendors. I give an image with a consistent look.

The Telephone:

My phone sends a happy and great impression at my business. There is a short sales message and positive, happy tone. I give serious though to how receptionist takes messages and I check to see if the caller is important enough to be sent on to the boss.

My Voice Mail:

I have a script created for my voice mail that reinforces a marketing message. I am creative in getting my message across. I create one way and have everyone in the firm adhere to it. I don’t say that I’m on the phone or away from my desk.

My E-mail:

I have a basic signature and a marketing message, and all my contact information in my email.

Sights, Sounds, and Smells:

My Work represents my working environment. Even if my clients don’t visit my place of business, it looks as though they do. I have my business clean and ready if someone showed up any minute.


I have a dress code. The way I dress impacts my market’s impression of my ability to deliver the goods. My market has a dress code. I dress a little better than my market.

Process as a Marketing Tool:

I practice systematic approaches to marketing, selling, manufacturing, implementing, consulting, delivering, and customer service. I document this successful system so it can be accurately duplicated by many other people. I understand that my business is really a marketing business. I see proof that I know what I am doing and see how unique my form is. My marketing fulfillment, delivery, and customer service processes and systems become a marketing element. My systems and processes have names.

· A SALES CALL: My 2-step internal seminar

· My GUARANTEE: White Glove, We-Don’t Rest=Till-You’re-Happy System

· My SERVICE CALL: Annual ROI (return on investment) guarantee Evaluation

· My CUSTOMER SERVICE: Post sale Satisfaction Checkup

· My DELIVERY OF A SERVICE: Ten-Point Value Implementation Process

· My Referral Process: 100% Refund Process

· My Customer Loyalty Tactic: Birthday Surprise Bash

When I give the simplest system or procedure a name, these kinds of things happen:

· I document and utilize the promised system.

· My prospects view the existence of such a system as proof that I do what I promise.

· My prospects get a feeling of consistency and professionalism

· I experience greater buy-in from my team members asked to operate the systems.

· I powerfully reinforce my core message and brand.

· I document and name systems and processes as a great starting point for industry articles and workshop topics.

· My systems and processes become fertile breeding grounds for new products and services.

An Identity Audit:

I take a good hard look at where I stand. I audit my existing materials and measuring the positive or negative impact they have. Enter place of business I’ve never been and conscientiously take notes of what I see, hear, smell, or feel. I see how much impact these factors have on my senses and consequently on my judgment of business. I take the same walks around my own business with these heightened senses. I call my business, visit my Web site, and mail letters to myself. I do the same with my competition. I take note of how they accomplish these. I gather opinions of a group of customers. Customers like to be asked what they think and can give insightful information.

Action Steps:

1) My identity elements support my target market and core message.

2) I create identity elements for my marketing, sales, fulfillment, and customer service processes.

3) I complete my identity audit,

4) I consult a professional graphic designer, with collaboration elements in hand.


I HAVE SEVERAL WAYS FOR PROSPECTS TO ACCESS MY COMPANY’S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, Vision pace slowly builds relationship with prospects and clients as it offers more products and services.

A Different View of Products and Services:

I don’t have an all-or nothing approach. Compare it to a gradual process like dating, and eventually getting married. This gradual, trust-building approach allows businesses to charge much more for my products and services while enjoying a much greater relationship with my clients. This makes my process of marketing much easier.

The Client Stages Defined:

I have a group of suspects. I suspect that they need what I must sell. The point of my initial marketing to this group is to get them to identify themselves as a sure prospect, I gain permission to market them.

Here are the stages:

1) Suspects – the list of people who fit my target description.

2) Prospects – the list of people who have responded to an offer for more information

3) Clients – the list of people who have tried my product or service

4) Repeat clients – the list of people who have upgraded or purchased more

5) Champions – the list of people who tell others and sell for me

The Marketing Funnel

I generate leads on a broad scale and then “funnel” them toward becoming a client with increased contact and content.

The Marketing Funnel Turned Upside Down- The Marketing Hourglass:

The greatest opportunity for growth in my business is from selling my existing clients more products and more expensive services and from the referrals generated from my clients. I develop a very deliberate series of marketing product, or service offering with a specific intent, such as:

· Automatically qualifying my prospects

· Gaining their permission to allow me to market them

· Offering a low barrier or trial product/service

· Focusing on overdelivering on the purchase

· Moving the client to other opportunities or levels of service

· Generating word of mouth or referrals

Marketing- “Getting someone who has a need to know like, and trust me” with the intentional act of turning know like and trust into try, buy, repeat, and refer. I develop touch points, processes, and product/service offerings or each of the 7 phases of the hourglass:

1) Know- My ads, articles, and referred leads

2) Like- My Web site, reception, social media profiles, and e-mail newsletter

3) Trust- My marketing kit, white papers, and sales presentations

4) Try- Webinars, evaluations, and nurturing activities- the center of the hourglass

5) Buy- fulfillment, new customer kit, delivery, and financial arrangements

6) Repeat- Post sale customer survey, cross-sell presentations, and quarterly events

7) Refer- Results reviews, partner introductions, peer-to-peer Webinars, and community building

By creating ways to gently move someone to trust, and creating low-cost offerings as trials, the ultimate conversion to buy gets so much easier. Ponder these questions thinking about the hourglass:

· What is my free or trial offering?

· What is my starter offering?

· What is my “make it easy to switch” offering?

· What is my core offering?

· What are my add-ons to increase value?

· What is my members-only offering?

· What are my strategic partner pairings?

Marketing Offers by Stage:

The DTM system is the creation and promotion of offers that act as paid marketing tools to 1st turn suspects into prospects and then prospects into customers. I get paid to market my services when I do this right. I produce venue to fund my marketing machine.

Marketing Offer for Suspects

These take the form of free reports, tips, white papers, workshops, demonstrations, evaluations, newsletters, books, guides, and checklists. I have a product in the form of a free offering. Examples of these offering could be free reports with these titles:

· “10 Thing I Must Know Before I Hire a Roofing Contractor”

· “Tax-Slashing Secrets of the Rich Revealed”

· “7 Simple Steps to Building My Own Greenhouse”

· “12 Ways to End Back Pain Now”

· “How to Cut Your Software Training Costs in Half”

Marketing Offer for Prospects:

Once my suspects raise their hands and request my free report, they are giving me permission to market them. I offer my prospects something more, and eventually offers they accept to become my clients. In some cases, this requires a low-cost or trial service offering to gain trust to become a premium client. It’s a foot-in-the-door offering.

My Clients Become Premium Clients

Clients become premium clients when they respond to offers for repeat business, higher pricing, or custom services. I develop products and services with the intention of creating premium clients. This might include membership offerings, upscale consulting engagements, or even service agreements and products and services from strategic partners. Once my clients are premium, I find specific ways to turn them into referral sources.

Premium Clients Become Champions:

Some of my clients become champions. These are my repeat clients that voluntarily look for ways to promote my business. Memberships and affiliate promote and reward loyalty will work well to motivate this group. Here’s an example of what the marketing hourglass system would look like for maybe a consulting business:

1) Suspects: free newsletter, workshop, or teleseminar (a seminar that is conducted conference-call style)

2) Prospects: 79$-149$ self-study training courses

3) Clients: $500-$2500 group training program

4) Premium client: $25000-$40000 annual engagement

5) Champions: promote group training/strategic partners

Ways to Create New Services and Products:

Service to Product:

The most effective ways to market a service offering is to turn some aspect of that service into a product. I offer my clients something of value. Ex- offering products coming a year from now at full price, but buy now for a discount.

Extend a Product:

Real profits can come from servicing a product that I practically give away.

Package My Knowledge:

Information products can be used as marketing lead generators or as low-cost trial products

Bundle and Package:

One way to create a new offering is to bundle several products or services together and offer special bundle pricing. Subscription services that include monthly fees or annual commitments in exchange for a new package offering are another way to handle a bundle.

Offer Levels of Service:

I offer gold, silver, and bronze service levels that allow clients to purchase a level for a retain price.

I License My Knowledge:

I increase my product offerings by allowing other businesses to learn their success formulas.

I Wrote a Book:

This allows me to market through additional mediums not previously possible. By being a published author, I gained instant credibility and access to potential radio spots, newspaper features, speaking engagements, and other platforms. It also functions as a marketing tool. www.kounkelchiro.com People see me as an expert in my field

Look for Holes in the Hourglass:

What products or services, partnerships, entire new ways of thinking need to come to life in my business to have something to offer my clients at every stage of client development? My business has many contacts with potential clients on the way to a full developed relationship. I map every instance and way my businesses touch its prospects and clients. I deliver the experience that my marketing messages promise.

Price Is a Function of Value

Want a raise? Raise my prices. I take the complete marketing hourglass strategy to product and service offerings…. My premium products are marketed to highly qualified clients who already know, like, and trust me. They expect to pay a premium for these premium products. I raised my prices right now, today. I have done the best possible thing for my business.

Action Steps:

1) Understand the client stages.

2) Develop marketing, product and service offerings that address every aspect of the marketing hourglass

3) Map every point of customer contact and look for holes in the hourglass.


The reality is people expect to find information on anything using the search engine. I produce content with an eye on doing 2 things – educating and building trust. My content production gives my client’s trust. I produce content on educating and building trust. I think like a business.

Content That Builds Trust:

Blog- My blog is the starting point for my content strategy because it provides my content production and sharing is easy. Search engines love blog content. Blog content can easily be expanded and adapted for articles workshops, and e=book.

Social Media:

I claim all the free opportunities to create social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and Inc. magazine communities. I post videos and links that constantly point back to my main site.


Examples=Yelp, MerchantCircle, and Citysearch. Google, Yahoo, and Bing allows people to rate businesses too.


My customer testimonials are a very powerful form of my content. I seek and have customer content in many forms including written, audio, and video. This makes trust-building endorsements, that makes brand-building assets out there on Google and YouTube.

Content That Educates: The Point-of-View White Paper

I have developed a core story that’s documented in the form of an e-book. My content dives deeply into what makes my firm different, my secret, how I approach my customers, and why I do what I do. This idea is written extensively in www.referralenginebook.com


My presentation, workshops, and seminars (online and off) are great ways I provide education. I made a 45-minute, value packed session in one of the most effective ways to convert leads.


I go beyond the questions that people normally ask, and answer questions that should be asked. I especially answer the questions that favorable my company.

Success Stories:

I have built rich examples of actual clients succeeding using my product or service offerings. I help people learn from other individuals and businesses just like them. Prospects can see themselves in a success story and imagine getting the same results my other clients did.

How to Build a Content-Generation System:

I built my business in the long term-to get more leads and sales.

Content Creation Strategy:

My content lead system starts with my strategy. 3 important steps:

1) The total body of work – I think big picture here. I pretend I’m outlining a book about my entire subject of expertise. I remember that I’m working through an outline of a body of work that takes months to finish.

2) The purpose and repurpose – As I create content, I always think about the purpose I have in mind like creating a book from a category of blog posts, etc.

3) Medium diversity – I republish my content in various form to get more money. I record and archive seminars, transcribe audio and video, and offer multiple forms of the same content.

Content Inspiration:

With a big picture approach, I have ready-made sources of I inspiration to turn to and help keep me up to speed on all real-time happenings in my world.

· Questions – I make notes of all the questions and prospects and what customers ask, and I get in the habit of posting answer to these inquiries.

· Delicious- This is a bookmarking too that I use to mark things I’ve found for later rating so I can see the other people are bookmarking for categories I need to keep up on.

· Good Reader- I subscribe to and browse 50 related blogs; and I do this on the phone while I stand in line at the coffee shop.

· All top- A convenient way for me to see lots of blog posts sorted by countless topics.

· StumbleUpon- My unique way to find off-the beaten-path- stuff about topics I choose.

· Google keywords – I sometimes write about what people are searching for. Using keywords helps me know the best way to say this.

· SmartBriefs- My daily digest of the best of the Web on a variety of topics.

· Tools – I use moleskin notebooks to capture ideas, Dragon Dictation or CastingWords to transcribe audio and video to text, and iPhone or Flip cameras to capture video audio.

Content Automation:

I use RSS. I use the buzzboost feature to create HTML code to publish my info to my “In the news” page. My page updates automatically every time I bookmark any news mention.

Advertising Content:

I don’t sell my stuff, I advertise my content. I use Facebook and other PPC advertising to point my valuable free e-book, upcoming online seminar, and past seminar archive.

On-Demand Content:

Presentation platforms is my most dramatic advance in communication. SlideRocket allows me to easily embed forms into my interactive presentations and receive alerts of what people view.

Content Partnerships:

Now that I have a blog, e-book, white paper, podcast, videocast, or online offline education seminar, I take these proven and practiced bits of content and offer them to my partners. I offer my awesome seminar free of charge to my customers.

Educate, Don’t Sell:

I market my content so well I eliminate the need to sell. No one likes to be sold anything, but they love to buy. I market materials that provides my readers an education that compels them to buy.

The Marketing Kit:

The marketing kits is a collection of carefully crafted, individual pages of info that help me convince people why they should buy from me. My kit also allows me to create personalized inserts, frequently changeable and updateable inserts, and inserts tailored to the specific needs of a prospect. The documents contained in my kit assemble as needed in my pocket folder. I have higher-quality offset printing for this. I always benefit from presenting my professional image, and my content is the most important aspect of my educational marketing materials. I work with a graphic designer and I have created a custom pocket folder. I print my individual pages in-house. My marketing kit contents include my case statement, my difference summary, my ideal client/customer description, my marketing story, and my offerings. I have found very cost-effective design templates from firms like stocklayouts.com.

My Case Statement:

This I my document created to make my case to answer why anyone should give me money. Examples:

· A statement of a challenge, frustration, or problem that my target market experiences

· An image of what life is like when their problem is solved

· An explanation of how they got here in the 1st place

· A path for the donor to follow

· A directed call to action

Profit comes from increased revenue or decreased expenses.

My Difference Summary

I use this page to hit prospects with reasons I’m different and tell all the reasons of doing business with me. I don’t people what I do. I focus on how I do it. I tell people about my unique approach, my processes, and the little things I do. I know my competition and have studied them.

My Ideal Client/Customer Description:

I described my ideal client, and why I’m typically hired. My ideal client is smart, wealthy, and a good person. They are money grubbers either. They respect me and continue to come back because I offer a great service backed up with my good morals.

My marketing Story:

I tell my story in an open, honest, and entertaining way. I win their hearts and heads. I connect by personal stories and it gives me the greatest advantage that small businesses possess over my businesses.

My product /Service Offerings;

This page outlines the various services, products, and packages that I have available.

Case Studies:

I pick representative clients or industries, and outline how my product or service solved someone else’s challenge. My case studies include photos of my client, project, or solution including a testimonial quote from them. I have included video testimonials and case studies for my online strategy content. An effective case study format:

· The situation

· The problem

· My Solution

· The Result

I involve Clients in Telling the Story:

Clients read how I helped someone just like them and helped them see I can repeat the same performance. I involve my client in my case study. I have done this by setting up interviews with my clients and I have my clients answer these 4 questions:

1) What solution were you seeking when you hired us?

2) What did/do we provide that I value the most?

3) What has been the result of working with us?

4) What would you tell others who are considering hiring us?

I do this in 1 page and continue with about 10 other clients asking them this. I take advantage of this resource.

Testimonial Proof:

Third-party endorsements are another way I add proof that I deliver as promised. I collect quotes from real, live clients and create a page titled “See What Others Have to Say About Us.” I receive quotes that focus on results I have helped them realize. It’s some of the strongest selling tools I have. Suggestions for acquiring powerful testimonials:

· Craft some proposed testimonial copy and present it to my clients for approval

· Ask a prospect obtain a testimonial from y clients (they will copy me)

· Photography my clients using my product or associating with my brand.

A Simple Way to Get Great Testimonials:

Hearing this face-t0-face with a client on a great job I’ve done is the best time to get a testimonial. Purchase two column business card holders and I ask my happy client to give me 2 business cards. I ask my client to write a brief testimonial on the back of one card, and place one with the testimonial facing up and the other next to it. I ask them to write their testimonial as though they were recommending my business to a friend. That’s more power than if they were writing it to me. My collection of little cards is my trophy case. The testimonials are genuine because they are on the person’s business card. This helps them do it now and not procrastinate also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);

My prospects sometimes come to me with specific questions. I address these in a succinct manner. I go over the types of questions I receive from clients, sales prospects, and even emails www.billcaskey.com has this tip. Create 2 sets of FAQs. One is the basic list of questions clients ask, and the other is ones I wish them to ask. (“Q questions That Should Be Frequently Asked”

Processes and Checklists:

I show the reader how I do what I do. I have checklists and flowcharts that show I keep my promise.


I wrote articles for publications, newsletters, and internal distribution. I include relevant reprints and press clippings.

Something for Everyone:

Will everyone really read of this I’ve done? And no, they won’t. People learn in many different ways, and that’s why I have a marketing kit that address as many of the ways as possible. Here’s what they need to know:

· How I work-Process, case statement, FAQ

· The results I achieve- Case studies, testimonials

· Who I know – Client list, case studies

· What I know- Process description articles

I have hired a journalist to Help Me Create Content:

This idea comes from David Meerman Scott – “Most every business these days is really a publishing business of some sort, whether they think that way or not. The need to produce masses of educational content has become standard operating procedure in today’s Internet search-driven marketing world. But, publishing content in blog posts, e-books and articles, while considered compulsory, is not the easiest for some to do.”

· An experienced journalist will usually look at content in the objective, source=driven, and factual way he or she has been trained- precisely the way marketing content must be viewed and communicated these days.

· An experienced journalist knows how to start with the kernel of an idea and develop and entire story quickly another key success factor in the “more is more” publishing business

· An experienced journalist, particularly one who’s worked in my industry, may possess key contacts throughout my industry and with publications that cover my industry, making the writer much more than a content production machine.

How to Use Content to Increase My Online ROI:

Content is a concept for a tool that educates, demonstrates, informs, filters, entertains.

I Write Content Worth Reading:

I also look up the news stories coming out of my industry and monitor that so I can continue writing content worth reading. I find ways to create editorial stances on the news I find. I craft articles with my link in mind so my web is highly ranked on ahead of my competition. Link-worthy content is brilliant.

Point to Content Worth Reading:

I know where to find everything that’s to be said about a top. I built trust because of content creation. I have set up and subscribed to custom Twitter searches in my industry. I look for things to share on my social networks. I’m also active on many sites like Digg.com, stumbleupon.com, and alltop.com.

I Filter the Really Good Stuff:

RSS technology is a gift to me. I have attracted a following because people as the specific nature of the feed I produced. I use feedburner, delicious. Twitter searches, backtype.com, pipes.yahoo.com/pipes, reader.google.com, google.com/alerts so I easily publish individualized RSS feeds to serve specific clients and industries. I use posterous.com and have links and emails on my blog.

Make Exclusive Offers:

I create opportunities for my networks to share exclusive offers with my friends. I create promotion that allow my friends to get the benefit and it spreads. I track and reward them for their participation too. I start with existing customers.

Teach Your Network to do What I Do:

I recruit and equip my own private network to do the same thing I did. I have created a powerful referral network for business and leads. I am fluent with dig.com and stubmleupon.com.

The Easiest Way I create Video Right Now:

Creating videos f or my blog is very important, and I do this often. I showcase my brand. The key is for me just to get started instead of overthinking it. I have invested in HD cameras, condenser microphone, editing software, and green scenes. Facebook and YouTube are the easiest way to create videos. IF I want a client to record a video, I can have them do it and send it or do this on skype. Ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/ and pamela.biz/en/

I’m aware of my lighting, windows, and lights and adjust the glare when I record my videos. I realize it’s easy to start videos and now I record and post them more often.

One Way to Get all of This Done:

Since I have created my marketing kid, I have an important undertaking. I didn’t do this in one day. I created an outline and did this page by page. I have also purchased a small digital recorder and talk to it. I communicate by talking too, and not just writing. I have people interview me, and sometimes I hire a copywriter to turn it into well-crafted written pages. Here are the steps:

· I created my outline

· I picked a page and started writing

· I don’t edit, or answer the phone. I just write. That’s it.

· I put it away and come back to the writing the following day.

· I go over my document again and rewrite and edit.

· Other people edit and proofread my work.

· I get feedback from several clients.

· I move on to the next page.

I have developed strategies that help me multiply my efforts, and my time invested results in a huge return. Speaking my story can be more authentic than just writing it. I own the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo mic attachment for my iPod and I speak marketing materials and web pages. I get them transcribed by casingwords.com and taskuscom I also have white papers, expert interviews, and customer success stories. I record these on my iPhone using SkypeIn or Ecamm Call Recorder (www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/) I take my interviews back to Casting rds, and create content on the fly.

Action Steps:

1) I defined 3 or 4 key benefits that make my firm unique

2) I collected 10 testimonials from satisfied clients.

3) I developed 4 case studies that demonstrate result or my products have delivered

4) I created my big-picture body of content outline


I get my prospects to contact me easily. I excite my team in their role in my business.

Marketing is Everyone’s Job:

I have everyone in my company understand they are all part of marketing. It creates and great culture in my organization. Everyone that meets my business and clients is performing a marketing function.

Everyone in my organization that meets my clients or prospects is performing a marketing function. Are they performing with the market intention? Yes…. They work on making the day fun, productive, and inspiring. Priorities are 1) Making the customer’s happy, 2) Making the prospects happy, 3) Making each other happy. When customer’s call, we are nice and do more than what they ask for. Customer’s calls and emails are answered promptly, and they always have an inspiring experience. The employee-based focus works wonders.

Marketing is Mostly My Job

My staff does as I do, more readily than as I say. The only way I sell my staff is that they believe in what I’m selling. I make sure my staff understand that this is important. I make emphasis on marketing an expectation and requirement.

Create a Marketing Roundtable:

Marketing roundtable. It’s a formal internal committee that meets to review and move marketing decision and actions forward. It raises the level of marketing awareness.

Routinely Educate:

To keep the marketing message alive is to keep the message in view routinely. My staff receives orientation in the foundational marketing steps presented earlier in this book.

· My ideal target client description- Fully picture the people I work with and the people who I want to work with.

· My marketing purpose- They understand this and found a way to connect personally to this

· My talking logo- Each staff knows and connects to its function and to my marketing what/

· My core message-It’s everyone’s core message

· My marketing kit- Provides information so well it became one of my best hiring tools

Part of the Hiring Process

Marketing education is a part of my hiring process

Put this on Business Cards

Think “Vice president of operations and customer service fanatic.”

Employee Manual

My marketing core message and story is in the employee manual. My marketing materials are in my employee manual too.

Quarterly All-Staff

I hold quarterly all-staff meetings, and allow my marketing roundtable members to share current marketing initiatives and results.

Talking Logo Practice

Each member of my team has a talking logo that feels right to him or her. We have come together and help them practice doing it.

Telephone Training

People answer the phone in a way that communicates and represents my core message. It may require patience or a zero-tolerance policy. This is very important.

External Marketing Training

Organization through documentation. I have a manual with step-by-step basis the objectives for my business. My manual is broken down to administrative, sales and marketing, and production tasks. I choose vendors and partners who share the same definition of me as customer service. I give and include them in formal training.

My new Marketing Business Kick-Off

If I ever want to make a change to my staff’s training, I will hold a meeting and hype it up, and be serious too, because sometimes people don’t like change. Balloons, T-shirts, cake, and logo apparel. I present the new expectations.

A Marketing Board of Directors

This is another very powerful marketing education tool. They’re a great way to get outside advice and help drive my marketing decisions. They make quarterly meetings with the intent of reviewing and commenting on my marketing plans and progress. A marketing board offers these benefits:

· It gives clients someone to hold them accountable, most notably, it helps people achieve their goals

· It provides creativity beyond what the owner or staff could.

· Board members feel compelled to champion a business they become deeply connected with (it creates a loyal group of external champions)

Make a Database with My Customers

CRM-type practice suggests I create and supplement a database of customers and prospects with the idea that I build more and more information to build deeper relationships and create additional selling opportunities. I provide a service that adds value to my business that differentiates me from my competition, because they didn’t even think of it.

1) The Knowledge database – I created a custom RSS subscription database of blogs and news sites my customers find interesting. I also uploaded an OPML file.

2) The “best of class” database – I build a list of “best of class” service to providers that can deliver all the products and services I know customers may need that are unrelated to my actual offerings. I invite my partners to build and maintain their listings, including monthly specials.

3) The real-time roundup database -I have created a custom social media and reputation monitoring databases for my customers that include all brand competitive mentions in real-time streams such as Twitter, Facebook, and media distribution sites, and I teach my customers how to monitor this database. I use Trackur.com to create my own white label.

4) The cutting-edge B2B database – I created a database of Web apps that I can help my business customers do more with less using free and low-cost tools for things like design, file backup, etc.…

5) The reminder database – I offered a service that helps me remind each customer of important dates. I give them the opportunity to put all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates in their lives into a database with the promise to remind them to act when the date was coming up. I provide value and personalization.

A Game Worth Winning

I turn my marketing into a game. I motivate people in my organization to grow the enterprise. We set goals, keep score, have incentives, and my team knows that we are p of a marketing team.

ACTION steps:

1) I created a list of people who could serve on my marketing board.

2) I completed the core marketing exercises in the last 7 chapters

3) I planned an all-staff marketing kick-off

PART II THE DUCT TAPE LEAD GENERATION- Turning Stickiness into a System That Works for Me (Turning Know, Like, and Trust into Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer)

I think of marketing like physics. It’s hard to get something moving, but once I get it moving, I can apply less force. I build momentum through lots of exposure. I really on several ways of advertising or communication to get the job done. I have referral promotion, advertising promotion, a public relations promotion, a strategic partner promotion, social media campaigns, an e-mail promotion, a speaking promotion a writing promotion, a newsletter promotion. Etc.


Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work

Mindset. Advertising is a salesman in print.

Why I still Need to Include Advertising in the Mix

It makes me money

To get results from advertising today I:

· Am laser focused on a specific ideal client

· Create awareness for valuable content with a call to action

· Measure leads and conversion fanatically

Advertising is essential because:

· Advertising is the only medium I can control.

· Advertising allows me to target ideal customers only

· Advertising creates awareness for my content, like educational content-e-books, seminars, and blog posts.

· Advertising adds credibility to my message. The fact I can afford advertising means I’m selling something worth selling

· Advertising amplifies everything else I’m doing. Advertising creates awareness for my content, and automatically creates awareness for everything else I’m doing.

Introducing Two-Step Direct Response Advertising

Most advertising that motivates readers/listeners to take a step or action that I have their permission to begin marketing to them.

Step One: Run ads that offer the reader a free report, sample, or something of high perceived value.

Step Two-Send the report to all who respond, and market to this group like crazy.

When someone responds, I have a lead that is ready to receive my full marketing kit.

The benefits of Two-Stepping:

The value to the reader is very high, and the risk is low. Many of the prospects who respond will eventually become my clients. The information I’m offering is perceived as valuable.

Elements of an Effective Two-Step Respond Ad

It’s sales in print multiplied.


Every ad needs a headline. It’s the audition for my ad. The headline is the most important.


Sell the report by telling the benefit of reading the report. I explain what problem the report solves, what the readers will get or have after.


Success example story. Testimonial quotes from happy clients.


I make an offer of my free report. A free class or special giveaway content. But give them a reason to act.

Call to Action:

I tell them what to do now. I make it easy for them to contact me. They visit the webpage or call the toll-free number. I offer several ways for them to take advantage of my offer.

I state the dollar value of my free report

What Forms of Advertising Make the Most sense for my Business?

It’s the one that works. ROI return on investment point of view.

Target my Ads

Hit my target market.

Test My Ads

I found something that works and test ways to be the ad that works. This is my control ad.

Track My Ads

Track my responses running on radio, internet, mail, publications, etc. Ask where my p prospects heard about me.

Creating a Small Business Advertising Plan

Beware: Media Sales Reps Ahead

I contact TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets that I feel server my target market and ask them to send me a “media kit.” CPM (cost per thousand. M being roman number for 1000)

Typical Small Business Advertising Opportunities – Pros and Cons

· Network TV- Expensive and running out of style

· Cable TV- Is better for small businesses than Network TV. It’s ok

· Radio – Good way to target with the right station

· Public Radio- Less commercial clutter than typical Radio

· Local newspapers- Good for retail businesses. May have a lack of targeting

· Alternative Newspaper – Focus on entertainment and reach a specific demographic

· Business newspapers – Business-only markets usually

· Magazines – Riskiest for small business. Cost is high. Offer high-impact exposure

· Yellow Pages – Surrounded by competitors. Be sure to give a compelling reason to call me

· Outdoor- Billboards have limited appeal for small businesses.

· Direct Mail – Best option for most small businesses.

· Telemarketing – fuck no

· Internet – Yes PPC. Pay-per-click advertising Google, yahoo, bing, and AOL all offer the ability for any business to bid on specific search terms in an effort to attract Web to a classified-type ad. PPC as well.

· Neighborhood – Coupon ad packs, flyer distribution services


· Created my own advertising vehicles - Ask homeowners to put my ad in their yard

· Strategic Partnership – Companies that server my same target market and may want to be joint.

How to successful engage prospects with Facebook advertising

You can put ads on the right side of Facebook and more. Here’s 5 steps

1) Target – Facebook advertising gives the ability to select who sees my ad using several variables, and keywords.

2) Attract and engage- Do I want people to be directed to my own Web Page or something on Facebook, etc.

3) Budget – CPC- Cost-per-click or CPM- Cost-per-thousand. CPC is more effective than ROI. On Facebook, you can bid starting at 50$/month to test it out.

4) Test- No matter what, I always test my advertising. Facebook must approve the ads. The easiest thing I test is my image. Facebook Insights is a nice reporting tool

Duct Tape Marketing Chapter Resources:

These websites help locate local media outlets in my community

· Television

o Find TV (www.tvfind.us/)

o Newslink (www.newslink.org/broad.html)

o Spot Runner (www.spotrunner.com)

· Radio

o Radio locator (www.radio-locator.com/)

o Radio directory (www.radiodirectory.com/)

o Newslink (www.newslink.org/broad.html)

· Newsprint

o Hometown News

o (www.hometownnews.com/)

o Newslink (www.newslink.org/news.html)

o State newspaper associations can place ads in many newspapers at one time

· Business Newspapers

o Newslink (www.newslink.org/biznews.html)

o BizJournals (www.bizjournals.com/)

· Classified Ad Networks

o Nationwide (www.nationwideadvertising.com/)

· Magazines

o Newslinlk (www.newslink.org/mag.html)

o Wikipedia (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/list_ofUnited_States_magazinese)

· Outdoor (Billboards) Outdoor Advertising Association

o (www.oaaa.org/members/roster/)

Action Steps

1) I Contact every media outlet in my market and request a media kit to start comparing different forms of advertising.

2) I look to my clients and their problems and frustrations one or more “hot topic” information products to offer my market.

3) I ask my current clients what publications they read to help determine where I should consider placing my advertising.


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