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Did you know this about WCU? (Blog #4 ENT 670)


How is class going so far?

Some of us are so close to graduation. Some of us are taking ENT 670 as an elective, or as a steppingstone to your education in another way. I am one of those people that will be graduating this May! I can do this. I am almost finished with the Master’s of Entrepreneurship program guys!

I found some interesting information about the M.E. program at Western Carolina University. Check it out. Did you know that WCU was the first in 2003 to start a Master’s program of this kind? Also, did you know the Master’s of Entrepreneurship program at WCU won 1st place in the country in 2005? I couldn’t believe it. It won 2nd place before then, and that was 2nd to Harvard at that! That’s so cool.

I feel very honored to be receiving an entrepreneurship degree from this establishment. I used to be embarrassed saying that I was getting a degree in Entrepreneurship. I have had some people say to me “You don’t need to get a degree in entrepreneurship to be an entrepreneur.” I took that to heart and felt stupid when I shouldn’t have. Over time I got over it because I realize it’s not the name of my degree program that is important. It’s all of the knowledge I have gained that is important. I’m turning into a businesswoman! Thank you, Western Carolina University.


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