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"Customer Discovery Process" Product Assumptions (Week 2 ENT 670)

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Rebecca Wiggins Cutler

ENT 670

Dr. Lockwood

Briefing Note 2

Mission Statement:

I offer a service that helps people improve their health. I hope to own a fitness facility in the next 2-5 years. Consistently attending my fitness center will increase good health, and can potentially offer peace with body, mind, and even spirit.

The product I offer is a gym fully staffed with equipment for daily use, open 24-7. I also offer coaching and fitness classes for all ages. There will be a kiddie’s class and babysitting center in order for parents to exercise.

Other service benefits include providing all types of exercise equipment that would otherwise be too expensive to own each and every one personally, let alone have the space for it all in your home. I offer classes that are coach led, that help provide a sense of community and bring people together to better themselves, whether it’s a strengthening class, flexibility class, or a cardio class.

Rebecca’s fitness center will offer services to the following target market/target audience: The disabled, the injured, people out of shape, people in shape. This could include all elderly people, adults, teenagers, children, and toddlers. I have been trained by some great people in California and Nashville, Tennessee. I was in the advanced class and was beginning to compete before I came to NC to live here again. I feel that not only would I have something unique to offer, but I would be the best at teaching it with the training I’ve had, across all of North Carolina.

In addition, my fitness center would have the differentiation advantage because I have an indoor pool, and nowhere else around Bryson City offers that. I have noticed that no place around offers children’s exercise classes. I am open minded to having yoga for kids, and a daycare sitter for children so parents can exercise together.

Intellectual property of the company doesn’t really apply to fitness centers. Unless I come up with a brand of fitness that’s unique to only me, which I can’t think of anything at the moment.

The supply chain includes:

1. The gym and exercising manufacturing facilities for equipment

a. (Purchasing of exercise equipment)

2. Customer Service management

3. Reward articles

4. Membership cards

5. Purchasing of water, power bars, fruits, and vegetables

6. Sport goods

7. Childcare supplies

8. Office supplies

9. Crockery items

10. Electrical appliances

The initial launch of the service will be on or before September 1st, 2026.

Potential customers have stated they want the sense of community ever since the pandemic has hit. People want to move more, and this gives people an opportunity to get out of the house too. Also, having an affordable first month membership trial, helps people decide if they enjoy it and want to stick with it, helping them decide whether to purchase a long-term gym membership.

The cost of the fitness services is listed in detail in the following paragraphs and in my spreadsheet table below.

As for the low cost to customer advantage, here is how I would approach achieving a competitive financial gain. I would offer the first class and day free. I would also offer 20% off for students. This will bring in local students, and especially bring in college students from Western Carolina University. I will offer a 10% discount for new client referral signups and a discount for new people signing up for the very first month, costing only 30$ for 30 days.

In addition, I will offer 55$ a month for unlimited access to my fitness center and classes, in-order to compete with the other surrounding gym’s overall competitive prices.

My ideas for my future fitness center place me at a differentiation advantage from all fitness centers around, and it will be affordable and easy to sign up with my low cost to customer advantage. I hope to keep a healthy and professional relationship with the other business owners by supporting each other while trying to make an honest living in the same area in Western North Carolina.


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