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Creating Product Demand (ENT670 [D5])

Customer Discovery Process

Product Demand Creation

Five years from now, I will have opened Rebecca’s Fitness Center in Western North Carolina. I have interviewed 3 people who own fitness centers in Bryson City, NC. I interviewed the owner of CrossFit, the owner of Shift Wellness, and the owner of Bryson City Health and Wellness. Outside of Western NC, I interviewed Alethea Austin, my former pole dance instructor from Nashville, TN.

My data and information gathered from my competitor’s interview responses, shows each owner offering their own niche in the fitness industry. In addition, I have interviewed several customers attending these fitness centers to provide information from the consumer perspective. Pole fitness is the niche I want to begin my fitness center with. I am still torn between market categories for pole athletics. Sometimes I believe Pole Fitness is a completely new market in Western Carolina, but I also think it can be a new segment of the fitness market.

What product demand means to me with pole athletics personally, is this. Pole Fitness is a rising industry that is becoming more accepted with time. People are understanding it is an extremely physically demanding form of exercise, and it is NOT exotic dancing. Product demand takes care of itself with pole athletics in my region because it is basically lacking existence here. Locals have expressed interest to me, if only it was made available to their area, they have said.

Here is what my fitness competitors do to create product demand, and they further explain their product awareness techniques:

“We create product demand by creating results. Increase performance and you benefit aesthetics. Make these better and you provide a better experience… Social media outlets are our main focus. These outlets have sub-sets with challenges and additional groups. We are looking to expand this service to capture more people that are working from home. As well, we are community driven. The community must talk and spread the word of our existence and experience.” -CrossFit Instructor, Bryson City, NC.

“Pole dance is getting more mainstream so in the last few years the demand has been created organically… We are a niche business with a great brand reputation.” -Pole Fitness Instructor, Nashville, TN.

“How are you creating product demand?”

“…Educating people the importance of their physical health and how emotional well-being is tied to your physical health. I do believe they are all connected…. I think the benefits people gain from maintaining their social and physical health is immeasurable… We also have business cards and a website with the class schedule and physical therapists are on [the] website.” -Kathryn, Owner of Shift Wellness, Bryson City, NC.

“How do you create product demand?”

“There’s already a demand there. So many people need a place to go and workout. People try at home, but they don’t have all the equipment and space at home, that they have here. And there are distractions at home. Some people have no desire to workout at home. The pandemic made people want to come back to the gym. That was great, in a way.” -Owner of Bryson City Health and Fitness.

What methods do you use to make your “ideal” customer aware of the existence of your product, its features, and the problems your product can solve? “Word of mouth has been my biggest advertiser. I have a website and Facebook. One of the things I’m learning about, is using a social media representative/worker help me with some additional free marketing help.” (Kathryn).

What techniques do you utilize to reach your customers to stimulate their interest in your product? I commit about 30 minutes a day to post for my business ideas for posts. Billboard advertising. Radio ads, newspaper, and email newsletter. Those are all the way I get the word out.” (Kathryn).

What I gathered from these interviews, is there is a fitness demand created organically with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, and people want to get out of their homes and have a place to exercise, get results, and feel good about themselves. People are craving a sense of community and can achieve this by exercising at a facility. Good health is becoming more mainstream in many ways, having developed its own product demand within itself. Unique forms of exercise such as Pole Fitness is something new the female target audience especially wants to try. Social media and word of mouth in the community is the main form of bringing awareness to these products. This is all due to the rising popularity of human wellness.


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