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Have you ever hit rock bottom on the verge of losing everything? I have. It was a little over 4 years ago. I closed on my first home at age 27, in 2016. I was really proud of myself. It was 5 acres on a lovely ridge with the view of the lake.

I earned the money from waitressing in downtown Nashville at a resort hotel called Omni. Some people have asked me if I did other things to earn this! I DID NOT!!! I had someone ask me if I was stripper. I'm like, 'are you kidding me?' 'You really think that's the only way I could get financially stable?!'

Anyway, my credit was good and I had a car almost paid off and a new home. What I didn't do, was have money saved aside. Instead, I just started buying lots and lots of things for my new house! Things that I didn't necessarily need. I also spent too much money on going out. Within a couple of weeks, I lost my job AFTER closing on my house (thank goodness it was after). I struggled for a long time financially.

I tried doing a sales job selling Kirby vacuums. It was hard. After a year of that I got another waitressing job in Nashville, but the money was terrible. I worked 12 shifts in a row (over 10 hours shifts) to catch up financially. I finally did.

Shortly after, I got in a really terrible car accident. I was stupid and shouldn't have been taking the curves at 70 mph. It was 2am in the morning and I was hitting curves at 70 mph.

I fortunately wrecked to the left in a ditch instead of to the right off the edge of the mountain. I could tell my bones were broken when I tried to stand. My car was sideways. I was stuck inside for hours and the doors and windows were electronically jammed. I had to be cut out of the top. I couldn't walk for some time. I had to move back home to North Carolina with my parents.

My mortgage company did NOT care I wasn't able to work. I was on the verge of losing my home. I went to live with mom and dad in April, and was due for a foreclosure that November. I was able to work that summer finally, with a slight limp. I worked a lot! And someone decided to rent my home on airbnb. By October of that year, I was able to pay back what I owed to my mortgage company, which was over 5,000 dollars, and I DID NOT lose my house. I've been trying to be smart ever since all of this happened, and am so thankful to the blessings I received.

Please save money and have backup plans because you NEVER know what will happen. Be grateful for miracles. Just don't spend money on stupid stuff like I did. I won't name what they are. Basically, things that aren't helping you.

Try to help others when you can. I was sooo stubborn I didn't ask for help during these times. I was on the verge of foreclosure and was so stubborn I didn't ask. Why are some of us like this? Fortunately, my parents stepped in because they could tell something wasn't right. Thanks mom and dad. Thanks everyone for letting me share!

Below is a picture of the wonderful view from my home. Isn't it wonderful!


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