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What is Competition? (Blog #6. Week7)

Updated: Feb 6

What is competition?

We have been reading in ENT 660, “The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy” by Michael Porter. Here is my personal perspective of competition. Without competition, there would be no need for strategy. Competition is a good thing most of the time. Without competition, I feel less motivation because there is no one better than me to challenge me to better myself. At the same time, it feels great to me being in the “big fish small pond,” but eventually I do become complacent with this.

I become very inspired when I face competition. Sometimes, it can be human nature for me to feel discouraged when I am not the best. I will never be truly happy if being the best is my only goal. It’s still difficult to accept that there will always be someone better all the time. I’m having a new approach of thinking in this respect, that maybe no one is necessarily better than you. This is because I have come to understand that everyone has something to offer.

Everyone has something different to bring to the world. This is because no one is exactly the same. To me, this can be the beautiful thing about life. Competition should be encouraging and valued and loved. If it weren’t for competition, I would not have practiced so hard at my goals and bettered myself. Say I didn’t achieve my goals sometimes, it doesn’t matter now. When I look back, I still learned something and that is growth and positive change.


Margretta, Joan. Understanding Michael Porter: The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy. Harvard Business Review: Boston 2012.


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