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Blog 5 for ENT Advanced Finance 650

Every classmate reading our course book on crowdfunding (Crowd Start: The Ultimate Guide To A Powerful & profitable Crowdfunding Campaign by Ariel Hyatt) are asked to try crowdfunding for themselves. Here is a followup on my crowdfunding fundraisers so far. For those who didn't read my previous blog, I have started my own crowdfunding from new perspectives. I'm asking for donations to help me finish school. Some people wait until graduation which is great also, and some students don't ask for help during the process.

Some of you may not know I'm getting a master's degree in Entrepreneurship, AND another degree in music. The equipment alone is thousands of dollars to have for my own music studio and to be on lock down. My advice so far is to remember you will get a lot of nos, but you will eventually get a yes here and there. The yeses add up! Make sure to let your fans, family, and friends know what the money will be used for, and that they trust you. Don't forget to say thank you! And help others in need.

Another side note, remember to remind people they can donate anonymously. This can be VERY important to someone who wants to not be exposed.

Here's several accounts I created for people who wish to make donations:

I created a Gofundme account and here's the link for it.


I also posted a fundraiser on Facebook at this link


So far I have raised 240 Dollars, and this includes people that didn't want to donate on these sites. l have had people donate on Venmo and cashapp. I posted my links to both of these accounts on Facebook as well. Here is the like for my Venmo account.

VENMO @Rebecca-Wiggins-2

Here is the link or username for

cashapp $wigginout9

Whenever I share these links on my facebook I usually have new eyes that see this fundraiser that haven't seen it before.

I also added my paypal account if people didn't have venmo or cashapp, or didn't feel comfortable using any of the apps I previously mentioned.

paypal account


People have asked me my personal address even, because they felt more comfortable mailing a paper check. Everyone else, they have the option of calling Western Carolina University at the financial aid office, and they can donate money in my name as well.

WCU financial Aid office- 828-227-7290 (Rebecca Wiggins @ 920241387 WCU student ID)

WCU Financial Aid Address;

105 Cordelia Camp 1 University Drive

Cullowhee, NC 28723

Giving multiple ways for everyone to donate makes more opportunities to receive money.

Sharing the fundraisers over and over on social media helps get new donations and is a reminder to the old eyes who have seen it. The next level is to reach people directly via messenger or phone. I honestly hate doing this because I get a lot of nos. Here's the thing. You will finally get a yes! The people that do finally donate may give that 100 or 1000 dollar donation after 20 people saying no. You have to have tough skin. Sometimes it's a numbers game. You may have 5 people in a row that donate 10$!!!

Whenever people donate please remember to send a thank you card or message. Let them know it's greatly appreciated. It's never too late to say thank you. It's apparent to be honest and virtuous and be liked, so that people will want to support you. Be a good person and be kind to others. I really do my best to remember to help others and give back as well. That's super important in the giving and receiving world. Thanks everyone for reading my blog for School!!!!


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