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Blog 5 ENT(655) Business Plan Presentations and Interviews

Business Plan Presentations and Interviews for ENT 655.

Hello classmates!! I had my first interview presenting my business plan to an investor/lender. It was a meeting held with Russ Seagle, who is the Executive Director of Sequoyah Fund in Cherokee, NC. My business plan covers opening a fitness Center in Western NC. I will be teaching specialized movement arts and alternative fitness classes. These include Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, and Aerial Lyra classes.

Seagle was very informative and gave me lots of great feedback. I was shocked that he was open to funding me in the future. Basically, he said he would potentially fund something like this if I put in the work and revisions he requested. I didn’t think that was possible!!

He went on further to say that his daughter participates in Aerial Silks. Not only was he open to alternative fitness, but he actually knew about it beforehand! (He made sure to advise that I need to assume no one knows what alternative fitness is, and make sure that I explain it in the beginning of my business plan). Anyway, I was worried he wouldn’t be open to the alternative fitness approach. You never know what lenders will think of your business plan until you put it out there!

I guess that is the point of this class, to present our final business plan to an investor and see what happens. You might actually get a yes! We are meeting up next week to go over my business plan revisions based off of his feedback! Hooray! Good luck with your interviews and presentations! I’ll keep you all posted!


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