• Rebecca Wiggins

Blog 4 ENT 655 Profressional Recommendations

Hello Colleagues!

Have 3-10 Rec0mmendations in your personal records !!! Start asking months in advance! Have general ones, and specific ones.


I am glad to offer my recommendation for Rebecca Wiggins.

My primary involvement with Rebecca is in the recording of her piano compositions. She demonstrates great passion and commitment to detail. I have no doubt that her skills in this regard will continue to grow and mature.

An aspect of her character that impresses me the most is her diligence. She simply will not accept anything other than her best and strives to surpass the musical and technical challenges she encounters.

In the time I’ve known her I’ve seen marked growth both musically and technically.

I’m confident she’ll demonstrate her diligence and striving for success as it relates to her involvement with your curriculum.


Jamie Brantley Music Director and Tour Manager for Ronnie Milsap

Rebecca Wiggins Recommendation from matt henley
PDF • 29KB

recommendation from Jim Leatherwood
PDF • 380KB


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