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Blog 3 (ENT 650)

My Personal Experiences with Crowdfunding.  

I know this sounds bad, but I didn’t really understand crowdfunding until I began reading our course material “Crowd Start”, by Ariel Hyatt.  The book reminded me of a personal crowdfunding experience I went through about a year ago, when I didn’t know at the time I was actually crowdfunding.  What happened was I decided to go back to school to receive a master’s degree at Western Carolina University.  It was so last minute I decided to create a fundraiser on Facebook to ask for donations to help me.  I had missed all scholarship deadlines.  

I asked for money too because I had been out of work awhile from a car wreck and couldn’t walk well until that time.  I asked for 1,000$ and raised 800$.  I made sure to let people know they could directly send money to the school for my name if they didn’t want to give it to me directly.  I received the largest amounts of money from people I didn’t expect, that I haven’t seen in years even.  Unfortunately, I received what I call “hate messages” from a person I had never met, contacted, and we weren’t even facebook friends for that matter, that sent me a mean message on Facebook.  It was really weird and extensive saying what I was doing with the fundraiser was wrong.  Her unasked opinion seemed like the length of an essay and was really rude, so I blocked her because it seemed as though she was unstable.  The thing i reminded myself was I wasn’t hurting anyone, and the fundraiser was for a good cause. My point is that it can take only one person to try and bring you down if you let it.

This wasn’t my first experience with crowdfunding. In my early 20s I participated in an expensive activity called Drum Corps, where you go to a music camp basically for a whole summer and travel and compete. The activity costs a couple thousand dollars, and there was no way I could have afforded itthen, so I wrote letters and mailed or hand delivered them to potential sponsors.  I mailed my letter with a return envelope and my address and stamp on it.  It proved to be successful.  

Just remember that the worst they can say is no, and if they are unstable and send odd extensive messages like the anonymous Facebook lady I mentioned, then that is their problem.  Remember also it is nothing personal.  You will always get some no’s, but just remember the yeses because, how much money would you potentially have missed out on if you never asked at all?


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