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Blog 2 Week 2.

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My thoughts on Entrepreneurial Strategy Part II (ENT 670)

I’m pretty excited about this semester so far. I wonder if it’s because I feel as though I’ve got this “school thing” figured out. I am ahead of the game this time. It definitely sucks getting behind. This semester that will NOT happen. So far, I think that the required reading “The Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steve Blank is very boring. I have faith that it will become more interesting after the first few chapters though.

I reviewed the syllabus for ENT 670, and this course will NOT be theory or hypothetical. This work is for real this time. We are polishing our business plans and completing course work that we get to use in the real business world. I’m still not sure about my next steps after I graduate this May. This is because we were swept with a pandemic during the years 2020-2021. Covid-19 has been super shitty for me, affecting everyone’s lives in ways that have changed us forever.

Fortunately for everyone, Covid-19 is only temporary. It taught me to have back up plans because we never can know what may happen in this world. When it comes to opening a business, I want to be super prepared for anything that could happen so that I don’t lose my business.

The online community was very difficult for me at first, and now everyone is having to complete a lot of schooling online due to this pandemic (AND NOT just in this program). I can’t wait to have more human interaction again. It’s helped me appreciate what I have temporary lost. I’m grateful that I was able to complete my schooling during this time when I take a step back and attempt to be positive. Some students have had to postpone their studies because lab work was required, etc, that isn’t accessible right now. Good luck fellow classmates on your assignments this week. That is all for today. It’s snowing and I hope it’s enough to go sledding. Yippee!



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