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Blog 2 ENT(655) And the Pros of Kindle & Audible Books

For Entrepreneurial 655, we are reading Locavesting: The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit from It

by Amy blank.

It’s exactly that- InVESTING in your LOCAl community. So far, I have gathered from our Locavesting reading is, that although it seems easier or quicker to invest corporately, in the grand scheme of things, you benefit more in the long run by investing locally.

I wanted to share something with you that’s really helped me get through school. When it comes to reading for school or reading leisurely, or wanting a bedtime story, audible books are perfect. I should have started utilizing the audible approach much sooner. Another great tool is investing in a kindle. I was so grateful when I invested in a kindle so I can purchase all my schoolbooks there. Doing this, you receive the web book instantly, and you are also saving on paper and shipping prices. Not to mention, you have access to thousands of free books on kindle too.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love sitting with a book and holding a pen or highlighter, but my bookbag has been so much lighter ever since purchasing my kindle, and ever since my investment in audible book files. Audio books can play from its app on whatever device uses it, and the same goes for the kindle app. But if you really want an actual kindle and can’t afford it, you can rent them from the university library as I did, for about a month at a time. You just sign in with your amazon.com profile account.

Back to the audio book topic. I have specifically invested in Amazon Audible. It is only a few dollars a month and it includes thousands of free audio books. Using this tool to learn our course materials, enables me to listen to the reading while I’m in my car, or anywhere I carry my iPhone! I have been so busy! It’s so hard to sit down and read, but Amazon Audible helps me read and learn on the go.


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