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BLOG 1 (ENT655) Short Bio & Short Business Plan Summary

Rebecca Elizabeth Wiggins Cutler

ENT 655-50 Learning Community

Dr. Frank Lockwood

Friday, March 26, 2021

Short bio

Hello everybody. A lot of us are graduating this May! Yay! It took me a few classes to get the hang of the learning community. It really helps to look at someone’s work examples if I’m stuck and don’t understand what to do on certain assignments. What also helps in the learning community is having your website blog easy to navigate. It’s been difficult for me during the courses to find some of your blogs, that’s if you posted them. It helps to make sure your blog settings are setup for public commenting. I find that I waste a lot of time trying to search for your blogs and then turns out I can’t even comment on them. Please fix this. (Just some of you).

The best way to contact me is through my WCU email account. rewiggins3@catamount.wcu.edu. I try my best to check comment notifications on the Discussion Board. I’m pretty good about checking. There are so many notifications sometimes it can be easy to miss. I applied for a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at WCU but got denied. I was bummed. I decided instead to apply for a 2nd bachelor’s degree in Spanish at WCU, and I got accepted yesterday! I have grants paying for school enough to where I am actually getting paid to go. It’s like a part-time job to me at this point. I’ll do my best to have assignments turned in early and to have my blogs posted weekly. Good luck this semester everyone!


Exercise and specifically, the Pole Fitness industry is definitely not shrinking. It is absolutely fast-growing. For today’s fitness industry consumers, getting fit includes a broad spectrum of joining health clubs as a one-stop-shop. Health and wellness no longer appear as just optional activities, but an essential part to living your best life. Many people wear yoga pants and running shoes everywhere. They go as symbols of their active lifestyle.

The central focus is joining health fitness centers instead of staying at home and using workout DVDs or Zoom. This is because people are craving the deeper benefits of community, high personalization, and for a sense of purpose and belonging. It is not just about losing weight or getting fit – it’s about connecting with a purpose and strengthening the sense of self.

At my fitness center I teach Pilates, Yoga, Pole Fitness classes, Aerial Silks classes, and Lyra classes. In addition to the classes, I have a weight room with an indoor heated pool and spa. Also, I offer yoga for children and a daycare. When it comes to standing out, Pole fitness, Aerial Silks, and Aerial Lyra, sets me apart and makes my fitness center unique across a wide region of North Carolina. The nearest location that offers these kinds of aerial classes is Asheville, NC, which can take up to an hour-and-a-half from me in Bryson City, North Carolina.

Here are the recent trends with fitness centers and pole fitness centers. Pole dance is greatly growing and trending. It’s the niche thing with social media spreading it. It’s becoming the cool thing to do. Instagram and TikTok have a lot to do with it. Especially if you have a studio that looks pretty, people want to take videos of themselves in it and post on social media.

Based on the above information, I conclude that I can compete within the industry easily. People are always going to exercise. I believe there is a place for me in the world with this competition. There isn’t anyone close to me with my industry niche, and this gives me the opportunity to start a new market. I offer exclusivity and great quality instruction. COVID-19 is the obvious major factor that is influencing the market. There are ways around this via zoom.


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Exercise and specifically, the Pole Fitness industry is definitely not shrinking. It is absolutely fast-growing. For today’s fitness industry consumers, getting fit includes a broad spectrum of join

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